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We proudly donate a portion of all proceeds to The Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, Open Arms Food Bank & Aspire Medical Services & Education.

Thank You for allowing us the blessing of being able to do so!

Explore all that MBS has to offer...

Massage · Yoga · Red Light Therapy · Chiropractic · Acupuncture

A therapeutic practice of kneading or manipulating soft tissues and muscles with the intent of increasing health and well-being and assisting the body in healing. MBSpa offers Sports, Lymphatic, Swedish, Thai, Prenatal, Deep Tissue & Hot Stone Massages. Improve blood flow and the flow of lymph throughout the body, spped the metabolism of waste products, promote the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues, and stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin in the brain and nervous system with any MBSpa Massage Therapy Session.

Offering sessions of:

30 Minutes - hands on / 40 minute appt

                 $45 / $35 for members

60 Minutes - hands on / 70 minute appt

                 $99 / $69 for members

90 Minutes - hands on / 100 minute appt

                 $135 /$110 for members 

Yoga uses stretching, breathing, body postures, and relaxation/meditation to restore and promote good mental and physical health. The goal of yoga is to create balance between movement and stillness, which is said to be the state of a healthy body. Yoga consist of breathing exercises and various postures or poses, also called asanas, that promote stretching and toning. Each posture has specific benefits and each session usually ends with some form of relaxation or meditation. Yoga can help with headaches, asthma, back pain, sciatica, insomnia, balance, coordination, circulation, concentration, flexibility, endurance, physical strength, range of motion and immunity.

Yoga 1-on-1 Sessions

1-on-1 Yoga Sessions are a great way to advance your personal yoga practice with a trained professional that can create a yoga flow that is specific to your yoga needs. Up to three per session can be booked to share a private class with your friends or family.

Please complete our new client yoga intake form prior to your first 1-on-1 MBSpa yoga session. If you have any questions or special request, please email us at least 24 hours before your next session and your instructor will be happy to respond.

Red Light Therapy has many benefits for aiding the healing process with skin and minor inflammatory conditions. Some of the most desired benefits include reducing the appearance of cellulite, aging wrinkles, acne and blemishes. 20 minute therapy sessions for best results. 

Injury or poor posture can result in pressure on the spinal cord from misaligned vertebrae, and this can lead to illness and/or painful movement. MBSpa chiropractor can identify and correct the misalignment through adjustments. The first visit includes a detailed medical history and examination of the spine.  Useful for lower back syndromes, muscle spasms, mid-back conditions, sports-related injuries, neck syndromes, whiplash and accident related injuries, headaches, arthritic conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder conditions and sciatica.

Acupuncture is used to unblock meridian points or pathways.  The theory is that disease or illness results from the blockage or obstructions of the pathways, therefore clearing the blockages allows the meridians to be restored to health and whole body balance. Acupuncture stimulates physical responses, such as changing brain activity blood chemistry, endocrine functions, blood pressure, heart rate and immune system response.  According to The World Health Organization there are more than 100 different health conditions that acupuncture can treat. Most positive research supports acupuncture for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. 

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Yoga Class

First Week of Classes $13

Enjoy a week of yoga classes for just $13 a class. We have many classes to choose from. Hatha, Vinyasa & Restorative per your choice! EVery class is for all levels!

Plans start at just $16 a month with the option to bring a friend for $8 more. (See below for more details)

Yoga classes are 7 participants or less overlooking the front range mountains with individual storage for personal belongings, mats / straps & blocks provided along with complementary tea and spring water.



1 HR Massage

New Clients 1st Massage $79

Enjoy your first MBSpa relaxing 1-hour massage for just $79 or $55 if you become a monthly massage member. We have many membership plans to choose from one of which includes monthly $69 massages & a plan that includes $60 monthly massages. Find the plan that best fits your needs!

Our appointments are 75 minutes with 60-minutes of hands on therapy & 15 minutes consultation & dress time.



New Client Specials